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Coolest city in the world

May 23, 2010

two berlin kids playing on a metal box

In Berlin Jess and I honed our wandering skills.  Each day began early, or as early as the night before would allow.  It is a city that really never sleeps – from small bars where people drink beer and shout politics to warehouses full of art and mesed up people – this city is so cool that we left wanting to return for permanant.

a tree with purple blossom being struck by lightning outside the Jewish museum

We were staying at three different houses – the first was our power couple friends whose apartment I waxed lyrical about in my first post.  After that we stayed with two different groups of friends from Cambridge who have moved out to Berlin.  Each place we stayed had a different, yet still super cool, vibe and each group we stayed with showed us their Berlin.  It feels like a place where everyone is looking for the alternative areas and so they!re being created in so many different city spaces by all the people who go there.

sat watching the rain drop on the courtyard of Tacheles

Apart from the bars, parties and streets to wander my favourite evening in Belin was when we were left alone in one of the houses that we stayed.  Jess and I found a shop and bought and cooked dinner, we then watched a film and went to sleep.  I guess it/s strange to have begun a journey and find that your happiest moments are spent doing things that could have been done at home – to make pasta, tidy up and watch a film – but feeling free to enjoy that sort of time and space is part of the reason I went away.

the gentleman who sold us flowers for leaving when we left our hosts

Another favourite moment – because in Berlin magic really did follow us everywhere we went… We walked past a woman standing on a ledge with a man stood under her.  She yells “English” and we nod.  She laughs and murmers “marriage” and gestures down to the guy whose looking up at her. It turns out that he/s just asked her to marry him and she/s deliberating.  We give them all our blessings before moving on.

Superman hits the ground

We!re in Prague now – one afternoon and two lifts brought us here.  The sun is hot and tonight is the equivalent of the World Cup if England could ever make it to a final.  The Czech ice hockey team is playing Russia tonight in the world cup.  This is their national sport and there/ll be two massive screens in the old town square.  More on our journey here and our time once I work out how to upload photos and stop writing italiced.

heidi - brilliant and Berlined

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  1. Angella-Dee Sherriffe permalink
    May 23, 2010 4:50 pm

    Cant wait to hear your views on Prague. I loved being in Prague so much. For once I enjoyed being a tourist there!

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