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“WE WANT YOU TO DANCE” (Syrian Night-life)

June 14, 2010

bums on seats under the citadel as electro-jazz gets feet tapping

An electro-jazz band from Berlin played outside the Aleppo Citadel.  This is how the Syrians do nightlife (it seems).  Either sleazy pubs and clubs where men go to get their ‘take-away’ (Eastern European prostitute) or outdoor concerts where bums are firmly on seats and an exuberant response will be a couple of spontaneous rhythmic claps.

But this Berlin band meant business.  They managed to combine a sort of respect for the country in which they played (they stopped mid-song and stayed silent for the call to prayer) with attempt after attempt to get those bums off those seats.  Projected behind them at all times was ‘WE WANT YOU TO DANCE’.  For the last song of their set they invited Syrian women and men from the audience to win a free CD if they joined them on stage and danced.  Competition was rife amongst the audience and soon over 500 bodies were up and moving and dancing about.

(I’ll post the video of their dancing on my twitter (@tamsinomond) soon)

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