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A city chiseled in rose – Petra

June 25, 2010

it was 6am and I was the first tourist to the site. as the sun rose I winded down a naturally made crevice - the walls were red where they caught the sun. after two km this was my first view of the carved city of Petra

a forty minute hike (but a nice Bedhouin offered me his donkey - go here as a lone woman - everything is free for some very light pestering) to 'the hight point' - that's what the locals call it - in the guidebook it's 'the high place of sacrifice'. beautiful views as the sun rose over a still empty Petra

this was the secret way down. at the top of the high point I'd met a bedhouin who decided to spend his day showing me Petra. He had a donkey and his friend had a camel that I could ride... He also knew all of the secret ways that you could go. These are the steps that were carved into the stone 2500 years ago. As the sun hit more and more of the site it became clearer just how many different reds were hidden in the rocks.

my Bedhouin friend, Ahmed, took me to his cave. he also wrapped a scarf round my head all ethnic style

this was the path to the spring. that is my donkey's (Monica) ear - she was white and incredibly surefooted. Ass is fast becoming my favourite animal. The spring ended up being a trickle which we used to make sugar tea. My Bedhouin friend was dead good at making fire.

at the waterhole - my camel was drinking and this camel was suspicious

12 hours later - lots of mountains climbed, a bloody foot from where I fell, too many cups of free tea, lunch with a Bedhouin family, a camel and donkey ride. Petra - check! (Although apparently you need a week to 'really' see it all...

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  1. June 25, 2010 12:26 pm

    How absolutly fantastic! Sitting here in sunny London and following your journey is so inspiring. I am so happy that you are having such lovely experiences and I wish you more luck on your way. Love Angella~Deee x x x

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