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pssst Nick Clegg

September 15, 2010

I know it’s been tough.  Ever since you chose to get into bed with the Tories you have been prime target for Lib Dem dissatisfaction.  Your party is rock bottom in the polls and any time that you’re given a moment of power the whole nation’s press is just waiting for you to cock up.  And, embarrassing though it is, you do tend to give them what they want.

So I wonder how you feel as you prepare yourself for the Lib Dem party conference.  Perhaps you feel annoyed – that as deputy prime minister you still have to attend these things, that you still need to show gratitude to the people who put you there.  Or do you feel humbled – remembering that the Lib Dems were once a party in their own right – one that had justice at its heart.

I hope that you will go desiring to put the Lib Dems back on the map.  You can do so much more than prop up a government that will be the least popular in generations.  You could define a new kind of leadership – one based on collaboration, one dedicated to serving the population’s (all of the population’s) long term interests, one committed to action on climate change, poverty and injustice.

Go on Nick, break the Tory mould and give us deeds, not more empty words.  Chances like the one you’ve got are rare.  Use your newfound power and actually have an impact on Tory policy.  And if that’s impossible then break the coalition and get campaigning to win back the support of all those principled people you lost.

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