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Jansen, Thania and Torfinn – crew aboard the Nordvik

September 5, 2011

I’ve come a shore. In Bodo – a town just North of the Arctic Circle with a population of 40,000 (my Faroe Island crew were daunted – this was a Big City…). It sits next to the sea, just before the huge mountains begin to roll, with sea eagles (the highest concentration anywhere in the world) gliding above.

We were sad to lose each other – the Nordvik and I – it was a four day journey past extraordinary scenery (from Norwegian woods to stark lunar rocks jutting against the shoreline) and with a funny familial community – the kind that can be formed and held for a handful of days between strangers, before the initial interest in everything different fades and you have to actually come to terms with how you differ in what you think.

Anyway – I’m still very much in the adoring stage. These people gathered me, without a second thought, into their working days and nights, made time to talk to me and keep me ‘entertained’, used their provisions to cook pancakes, croissants and cakes for special high-teas, offering up the captain’s chair to ensure the best view of the fjords – and of course – joining me on shore and staying with me whilst I insisted on drinking until late with the Norwegian Tattoo Convention…

Here are three brief interviews with the crew (the cook, the chief engineer and the cap’n) in no particular order – but combined it will take you 6 minutes so why not watch them all):

Jansen – Captain of the Nordvik and sweet, gentle man!:

Thania – the only woman on the ship. Unlike the men (who did 6 week stints) she would stay for three months on and then three months off:

Torfinn – the Chief Engineer and ex-Goalkeeper for the Faroe Islands national football team!:

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