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Dreaming Green

January 16, 2015

“There are other worlds. Other kinds of dreams. Dreams in which failure is feasible, honourable, sometimes even worth striving for.”

We’re told that people are sick of politics. We don’t identify with the people in the Houses of Parliament and why should we bother when we get all the identification we need via our online following or by the brands we buy.

We’re told that there is nothing that we can do to change the world. That those who imagine a different world, or who daily live an alternative within this world, are a naïve minority. The status quo is the status quo and anything different has been proven not to work so don’t imagine change as part of our future.

Our opinions and our voices are excluded from a lot of the spaces where power is defined. We are allowed to exercise dissent in a piecemeal way as one of a million consumers or one of a thousand voters. But whether we boycott or we vote with conscience, we know that our actions are a drop in the ocean and will not shake the established order or be part of a sustained movement change.

And yet – from the fringe of the political establishment – a political party is growing, faster than any party membership has for a long long time. A party that has a vision of a fair future and the policies that if put into place could take us there.

This party is unlike any of the others because it is upfront and honest about where we are now. Unlike the others which want to keep you calm and consuming; to prolong the way things are – or create an exclusive myth of how things were – the Green Party begins with science that punctures every assumption in our present way of life: our one planet can no longer support the lifestyles that the West has assured us to expect.

With this fact established the Green Party invites us all to get very deeply involved – in recognising the failures of the current system, in protesting its injustice and in building our role in what the future must be.

In a world where power is male, it is the only party that has successfully challenged barriers and enabled women to lead. It is a party that accepts the world as it is whilst pushing forward voices that are marginalised and so speak with the dreams of what a different world could be.

Excluded from the television debates, the Green Party has complicated answers to complicated questions about how we will live together and live well with fewer resources on a less hospitable planet.   They do not underestimate our need for better answers to difficult questions – and our readiness to fight to rediscover a more nourishing model of human success. So as Green Party membership soars and more people are involved in dreaming and designing this world turned on its head – the establishment is left in the past, neither asking nor answering the right questions.



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