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  1. Rosalind permalink
    May 19, 2010 10:05 am

    I have just emailed you and received your automated reply…… I will copy and paste here…..

    I wanted to write and commend you for standing up and engaging in a system that is far from satisfactory, you are brave woman. I also wanted to offer you some reading which I thought you might find helpful.

    The book is called Woman Awake and is by far the most intelligent I have read on women, self knowledge, social conditioning, power etc. It is a book that comes under the sub heading of women practicing buddhism but don’t let that put you off if that you are especially interested in. Christina Feldman, the writer is one of the most insightful writers I have had the pleasure to read and without wishing to presume, I think you will find her writing to your taste.

    This book is available through various outlets but the cheapest version is to be found here….

    I wish you well and look forward to following your progress…..

    Rosalind in Bristol

  2. Gordon J Sheppard permalink
    April 9, 2011 2:24 pm

    Dear Tamsin Omond; send me a dedicated private email address in order that I can send to you some valuable information. I am proposing that instead of ‘protests’ in the streets; all those interested in bringing about change to the way we are being governed, should now seriously consider: Using LAW. I will provide you with irrefutable ‘evidence’ that will prove that the present government we endure, this CONDEM Coalition Government, is wholly illegal; and, flouts the ‘conditions’ for the application of “Article 9” of the Bill of Rights 1689; which provides the actual legalityy for the “Supremacy of Parliament”. When Parliament ‘abuses’ this privilege and ‘prejudices’ the People; “Article 9” is ovcr-ruled by “The Said Rights Claimed”.

    The Said Rights Claimed is another paragraph of the Bill of Rights 1689, which determines the actual ‘conditions’ by which “Article 9” can be applied. The Said Rights Claimed specifically determines that in the application of “Article 9” NOTHING MAY PREJUDICE THE PEOPLE. The Offices, Procedures and Practises of the WHIPS in Parliament, providing the diktat of the political parties; does ‘prejudice’ the People. It over-rules and supplants the electorates rightful influence placed upon elected Members of Parliament. The present CONDEM Coalition Government was not chosen, or elcted, by the People at all. The numerical voting results of the General Election of 2010, provided for a ‘minority government’. But the leaders of the political parties in Parliament, on seeing this numerical result, then determined that they could ignore the People’s vote; and like ‘Mafia Gangsters’ that they foisted upon the People of this country an ‘illegal’ government that the People could not refuse. By ignoring the People’s vote, they ‘prejudiced’ the People. Wholly unlawful as determined by, The Said Rights Claimed. Tamsin, respectfully suggest you should also check out my feature, “The State of the Nation” which is located on my blog here:

    Regards, GJS

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